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How to make peace with your body

How to make peace with your body

Start accepting your body right now, regardless of how much you weigh, what your size is or what others may say about you.  We can start accepting our bodies by appreciating what they do for us.

Appreciate everything your body does for you 

What do you appreciate about your body in its functionality-what it does for you, each and every day?

Here is an example; I really appreciate my legs for taking me where I need to go, each and every single day.  I rely on my legs and they are strong enough to carry me and help me move throughout my day. 

Make a list of the parts of your body and what you can thank them for.

example; Thank you to my

eyes-for seeing

feet-for walking and standing

hands- for serving myself and others

stomach-for digesting my food

Gradually, through appreciating your body, you will come to honour and respect your body, and to build a relationship of trust with your body.  Know that your body is an amazing vessel for your Being.

Let go of Thin fantasies It’s way too easy to believe that a thin body will right everything wrong in your world.  It won’t.  Moving toward increased self-acceptance and taking power away from your weight will do much more to improve your life.  Think about what you have believed you will gain from being thinner.

We can start accepting our bodies by changing the question.  Instead of asking “How can I get thin so I can _____________” Ask “What can I do to ____________”    (be happier, get others respect and attention, apply for the job, start dating, etc.) Go after those directly, instead of believing you need to first lose weight.

Accepting your body is not just about physicality, it’s about accepting who you are, not continuing to wait until you become the person you imagine being.  Linda Bacon, who wrote Health at Every Size says “When you’re invested in your thin fantasies, you avoid the opportunity to face who you really are and to try to become who you really want to be.  It’s the hope that your life will automatically improve when you’re thin that stops you from taking steps to improve your life right now."

Become the best version of yourself through Compassionate Self Care

Start to become curious of your body’s needs.  Know that your body has wisdom that you can tap into to better care for yourself.  Strive for better health and fitness but do it for the sake of a better quality life, not to lose weight. One of the reasons I exercise is simply to have more energy to use doing fun things with my family, like hiking.

Become your own health expert.  If you want to make changes in your self-care routine and are intrigued by what you read or hear, pay close attention to how your body responds as you experiment.  Over time, you build trust in your ability to recognize your unique requirements for food, movement, rest, pleasure, and social support, allowing you to live as healthfully as possible-given your genetics and current life circumstances.

Get to know your body and start giving yourself what you both need

Ask yourself these questions to get to know your body;

·       How much sleep does my body need?  Am I getting this amount of sleep most nights?

·       What kinds of foods does my body thrive on, and that I enjoy eating?

·       Am I eating enough of the right kinds of food throughout the day to keep my body fuelled and energized?

·       Is my body hydrated throughout the day?

·       Do I eat foods that I can easily digest?

·       Am I a mindful eater?  Am I eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full?  Am I enjoying my food or              am I distracted while I eat?

·       Am I relieving tension from my body in a way that works for me?

·       Am I exercising in a way that I enjoy?

·       Am I mindful of my energy gains and drains?

·       Do I take time to relax each day in a way that works for me?

 Celebrate your uniqueness!

Know who you are and that who you are is valuable and worthy.  There are a few things that you can detach from, that will go a long way to helping you know this.  One is the diet culture.  The other is others opinion of you.  If you are having a hard time knowing who you are and that who you are in valuable and worthy, try this self appreciation exercise;

List everything that you like about yourself; strengths, successes, physical traits, personality traits, people who like you, times when you were helpful to others

Add to this list when new things arise.