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Val MacDonald, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Val MacDonald, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Val. Welcome to my website. I support people in becoming healthy and happy in their bodies; through a non-diet and intuitive approach to eating, and through a body-awareness approach to movement and rest. 

I work out of The Blending Bar, in Maple Ridge, located east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Here, I offer Nutritional Consulting and I also hold workshops. I also do home visits for my Family Meal Planning sessions, in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area.  Email me today to schedule an appointment or for more information.



family meal planning

Learn how to plan your family’s meals and snacks, using some easy guidelines that I have developed for healthy eating.  By putting in a little more effort into your hunger management, you will notice big differences in the way you feel!

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women’s well-being coaching

I support women in being healthy and happy in their bodies, in finding joy in being themselves and in living the lives they want to live.

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KIND WORDS from clients

"Your counselling has truly made me see so many areas in my life from a different perspective. My attitude and knowledge of how to nurture my body with food has had a ripple effect on my outlook of my world. Thank you for this precious gift, Val. You are truly a treasure." Maggie R., Maple Ridge, BC

"Thank you for understanding and for believing in me and for helping me to believe in myself/follow my intuition again! Truthfully I was expecting you to be totally the opposite as that is what I have known in the past and you weren't and it seriously brought tears to my eyes, to experience that level of kindness, gentleness, care and understanding. When you are that way with me I can learn to do like that with myself." Shelley T., Abbotsford, BC

I was not drawn to Val for a very common reason, which could be to lose weight.….but for being very under weight, which I and others feel is not the healthy side of a normal size either, besides being uncomfortable, looks unwell. So, as I continue my journey in pursuit of a different kind of “gain” by taking the mental, emotional and spiritual route,………Val is always ready to hear me out and with her feedback helps get me back to center.
It’s wonderful to have someone shine a light in a different area to gain a better insight, a new concept or perspective. I am getting happier and  more satisfied in the process.” Ely Apeldoorn, Pitt Meadows, BC

”Val is a mentor in every expression of the word; to support you in ways you may be in need of; to help develop the clarity you could be looking for in your relationship to you…….your needs and wants, and to bring up your level of self appreciation to a warmer state.” E.A., Pitt Meadows, BC