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What happened when I finally started listening to my Body

Val MacDonald

...gradually, as I discovered pathways for dealing with the emotions, I did not go down the food pathway; the cake and the cookies and the ice cream, and the brownies and the butter tarts.  These foods were replaced with the quinoa, and the beet salad, and the apples and the roasted sunflower seeds and the oven roasted vegetables and the dates.

The desserts eventually came in during times of celebration.

At first when I knew I needed to remove these foods from my daily intake, I felt a sense of resentment and deprivation. 

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Eating: a pain in the ass?

Val MacDonald

I remember going through this myself when I had to do an elimination diet for Candida, a condition of yeast overgrowth in the body.  I had to eliminate all sugars and yeast.  This meant no fruit, no dairy, no bread, no wine, no sweets.  It was extremely difficult and agonizing for me, as I was very much addicted to sugar and also I was an emotional eater, gaining a lot of comfort from my food in times of stress or self doubt. Yeah, it was a pain in the ass, I would have to say.

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Food as friend

Val MacDonald

I started thinking about our relationship with food.  Each one of us is in relationship with food.  It's just something that doesn't get talked about.  We eat food.  Some of it we label as being "good", whether it's good for us or it tastes good to us. Some of it we label as being "bad"; again, whether it's bad for us or it tastes bad to us.  We expect to benefit from our food, whether it's the nourishment we're considering as we make our choices, or the taste.  We have our favourites, don't we?  

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