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Chattering Mind


Chattering Mind

Val MacDonald

Can you imagine what your body would say to you if it could talk? Would it tell you to change the way you are eating?  Or to get some more sleep?  Or to stop stressing so much?  Do you think your body may tell you to spend some quality time by yourself, away from your computer and cell phone?

How do you think your body communicates with you right now? Through your many aches and pains, through fatigue, through hunger and thirst?  

The question is; are you listening to your body, or are you listening to your mind?

Your mind tends to chatter away; telling you what you need to be doing, what you've done that for sure you screwed up doing, what you need to fix about yourself, and for certain why you can't do what you dream of doing.  

How can we quiet the mind?  

If you sit in quiet, and concentrate on your breath, you can observe the chatter that your mind produces, but not engage in that chatter. Allow your mind to be still; don't allow it to focus on your grocery list, your phone bill, or why your coworker was so rude to you yesterday.  

For ten minutes, sit in quiet, and give your mind a rest.  Visualize white light filling your body from the centre of your heart, with each breath you take.  Imagine that this white light is pure love, and that this love fills every cell of your body; cleansing out toxins and negative energy; refreshing and energizing you.

This is a simple meditation that you can incorporate into your daily wellness practices.  It only takes ten minutes but through regular practice, the results can be truly amazing.  After you have completed the meditation, your mind will feel clear.  This allows space to open for you to start listening to your body.  

Start listening to your body, and start responding to your physical needs without overriding them.  For example, you are hungry, but you are working and you don't want to stop until you've finished your work.  So you have a coffee, instead.  The coffee works temporarily, to fill your stomach somewhat, and it also acts as an appetite suppressant, so it seems to work to get you by so that you can finish your work.

This is overriding your body's true desire for food.  The coffee is hard on an empty stomach, being quite acidic, whether you feel it immediately or not, and it is not fuel.  Food is fuel.

Start to listen to your body, and to respond to its desires.  Start being your body's best friend.  Pack a lunch and snacks to work, for example, and eat when your body is hungry.

You will free up energies that were previously being used to compensate for your lack of listening.  Your body will thank you.