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Hungry or not?


Hungry or not?

Val MacDonald

I was out for dinner with a friend of mine last night at one of our favourite restaurants. We each ordered a glass of wine and then our entrees.  I ordered the  braised short ribs, which I've had a few times there before.  It's always good, and it comes with a cute little potato cake that sits underneath the beef, all perfectly sauced up with its' braised yummy goodness.

When dinner came, I was delighted as usual to tuck into it and enjoy.  I ate mindfully; chewing and savouring each bite.  The dish had the short ribs, the cute little potato cake and some roasted carrots, as well.

Well about halfway through, I felt full.  Yup, that's all I need right now, I thought to myself.  So I stopped eating.  My friend and I decided not to order any dessert.  When our server cleared the plates, I asked her for a take-out box, to take my meal home in.  My friend and I sat there, talking, sipping our wine, and enjoying the live music that was playing. 

After about an hour and a half, we got up, left the restaurant and said our good-byes. Another perfect evening of wining and dining.  Plus, I now had a great lunch in a box for tomorrow to look forward to.

I got into my car and started driving home.  Then it hit me.  I was hungry!  All of a sudden I had to have my dinner that was in the take-out box.  So I opened it up and started feeding myself as I drove.  I snatched the pieces of beef, the left over carrots and what was left of the cute little potato cake, and scarfed it all down in probably less than a minute.  Yowsa!

What just happened?  I don't know.  It could have been my excitement of seeing my friend, and all that we had to talk about.  For some reason I felt fuller with less food, and then as soon as I was on my own, there was more room for the food!

Was I going to start feeling guilty about this sabotage of tomorrow's lunch?  Was I going to beat myself up for my lack of willpower, my caving in, my gluttony?

No, nope and no siree!  I totally was using mindful eating practices, listening to my body's cues to what it wanted at the time.  I must say, I thought about those short ribs today at lunch, but I also remembered how much I enjoyed eating them with such gusto when I really wanted them last night.  

All is right in my world.  :)