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I started off as a uninformed eater; confused by what was considered healthy, and also driven by what my emotions lead me to eat.  For many years I experienced a condition called candida, which is a yeast overgrowth throughout the whole body.  There was not a lot known about it at the time that I was going through it, and there were only bandaid fixes given to me by my family doctor.  

Eventually, I got help from a naturopathic doctor, and by following a candida cleanse protocol; eliminating sugar, dairy, fruit, grains, yeast and alcohol, I came out of the candida fog.  This was by no means an easy or a quick process, because I was addicted to sugar; I loved cookies, cake, bread, and wine; and I was an emotional eater.  Intellectually I knew that by eliminating sugar I would be starving the yeast, but emotionally, all I wanted was to eat ice cream and fudge brownies.

I would gain health, then eat the foods I loved, and then slip back again, over and over again. The yeast is fed by sugar, and it also makes a person crave sugar.  I hung in there, and eventually my taste buds changed, and I actually started to crave healthier foods. My energy and mental clarity returned.  The candida no longer had a hold of me. The best news is that I can now eat all of the off-limits foods again, but in moderation, and I have discovered what moderation means to me.

This instilled in me the power of a person's own intention to improve their health.  I wanted to help others to do the same, so I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver and I got a diploma in Natural Nutrition, in 2008.  I started nutritional consulting that same year.


I support all people in being healthy and happy in their bodies, in finding joy in being themselves and in living the lives they want to live.

I use a non-diet and intuitive approach to nourishment, rest, movement and joy. It is my intention for you to feel good in your body, no matter what your shape, size, ability, or level of health is currently, through compassionate self acceptance and self care.

I am also passionate about families eating meals together, and I offer Family Meal Planning to help with this endeavour.

I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. I am married, with two lovely grown daughters and a young grandson and I also enjoy the company of one rambunctious mutt, named Shelby.

All my best,