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                           Val MacDonald, Registered Holistic Nutritionist    

                         Val MacDonald, Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Val helps you to find Food Freedom and to Make Peace with your body, so that you can Love the Way you Feel.  She uses a process that involves Food and Body Truths, Body Appreciation and Communication, and The Daily Dozen Food and Non-Food Nutrition Practices, which she developed during her ten years experience as a Nutritional Consultant.  By going through this process, you are able to enjoy your food more, and you no longer feel guilty about your food choices.  You are able to take care of yourself in ways that improve your health and increase your energy levels; and you can better appreciate your body and yourself, and enjoy a greater overall sense of well-being.  You become empowered to connect with what brings you joy.  This in turn, brings more joy out into your world, allowing that joy to spill over into your family and your community, benefiting everyone around you.

Val offers workshops and private coaching sessions at her Maple Ridge office, located east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Email Val today for details.



holistic nutrition-what is that?

The term Holistic Nutrition usually needs some explanation as to what it is.  First, let's talk about what it is not. It is not about someone telling you exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat.  It is not about counting calories or avoiding carbs or "doing a cleanse".  

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My intention has always been to educate people about food; which foods are the best to eat for overall health and energy levels, which foods can help or hinder your digestion, which foods can help heal a health condition.  I think that there is huge freedom to be found, once we find the foods that work best for us.

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KIND WORDS from clients

"Your counselling has truly made me see so many areas in my life from a different perspective.  My attitude and knowledge of how to nurture my body with food has had a ripple effect on my outlook of my world.  Thank you for this precious gift, Val.  You are truly a treasure."    Maggie R., Maple Ridge, BC
"Thank you for understanding and for believing in me and for helping me to believe in myself/follow my intuition again!  Truthfully I was expecting you to be totally the opposite as that is what I have known in the past and you weren't and it seriously brought tears to my eyes, to experience that level of kindness, gentleness, care and understanding. When you are that way with me I can learn to do like that with myself."  Shelley T., Abbotsford, BC